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Paul L.Th. Beuk Version date: 01-01-2002 01:00

Diagnosis. Very small (1-3 mm), soft-bodied flies. Body in Asteia yellow and black, abdomen often yellow with delicate black pattern, body in Leiomyza dark. Head with few strong setae; vibrissae present; antennae small; third segment short and arista with several short dorsal and ventral rays. Wings without costal breaks; in Asteia only cross vein r-m present, in Leiomyza only cross veins r-m and dm-cu; anal cell and anal vein absent. Larvae resembling those of Drosophilidae in general appearance but much smaller, larvae of Asteia more slender than those of Leiomyza.

Biology. Larvae are all presumed to be saprophagous. Leiomyza species have been found on and reared from numerous species of fungi. Mating takes place on the fungi. Several Dutch species of Leiomyza were swept near rotting Pleurotus spec. The immature stages of the Dutch Asteia species have not yet been described. The adults are often found indoors on windows. Outdoors they are frequently swept from low vegetation.

General references. Chandler (1978 [key]), Merz (1996d [key]), Papp (1992 [larva Leiomyza], 1998e [general, key to genera]), Sabrosky (1956 [key], 1987a [general, key to genera]).

References to the local fauna. Beuk & Zeegers (1992), Beuk et al. (1995), Van Zuijlen (1996a).

How to quote this page: Beuk, P.L.Th., 2001. Family Asteiidae. In: Beuk, P.L.Th. (Ed.): Checklist of the Diptera of the Netherlands, https://diptera-info.nl/news.php?fam=Asteiidae (date accessed: 01/12/2023).

NL: 6 B: 4 D: 6 UK: 7 World: 130
  Asteia Meigen, 1830
  amoena Meigen, 1830
  concinna Meigen, 1830
  Leiomyza Macquart, 1835
  curvinervis (Zetterstedt, 1838) N; informally added by Beuk (2002t: 269)  
  dudai Sabrosky, 1956 N; added by Van Zuijlen (1996a: 41 Note 1
  laevigata (Meigen, 1830)
  scatophagina (Fallén, 1823) N; informally added by Beuk (2002t: 269)  
Note 1 The material mentioned in all older references as L. laevigata in fact belongs to L. dudai. Recent material of L. laevigata was examined so the species can be maintained on the Dutch list.

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